Making Bristol better for cycling

Safety – or “feel good” safety?

We enjoy it when members pen their thoughts, observations and evidence about cycling in Bristol. (If you’d like to contribute something, please do contact us.) But occasionally something comes along from “outside” which we really want to share. Here is a remarkably well thought-through article from a woman – Marjut Ollitervo – from Finland. It challenges us to think about the superficially simple word “safety” from a cultural perspective. It’s not a quick read – please set aside 10 minutes – but Marjut writes with such a Greta Thunberg-style clarity and lucidity that we suggest it…

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700+ cyclists injured on Bristol’s roads in 2017 … 1 prosecution for dangerous driving

Bristol Cycling has obtained the police’s latest figures for road collisions and incidents resulting in the injury of vulnerable road users in 2017. They show that 191 pedestrians and 232 cyclists were recorded by the police as being injured on Bristol city’s roads. But we know that these figures massively under-record the true level of injuries – using Department of Transport research we know that the true figure for injured vulnerable road users is well over 1,000 people. And this is just for the Bristol city…

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Stay Wider of the Rider

Does your blood boil when the driver of a vehicle overtakes you with inches to spare, only for you to meet them seconds later at the lights? London Cycling Campaign have launched a new campaign to tackle the problem of the “close pass”. That is, drivers overtaking people on bikes with little room to spare, which at best is intimidating and at worse, life-threatening: Should we be running the same campaign here in Bristol? A few months ago, Avon & Somerset Police did run a successful, albeit brief trial to educate and warn drivers of the problem. But the will…

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Cycling Casualties and Police Enforcement Action

Bristol Road Justice has been in contact with Avon and Somerset Police as to the action they are taking with regard to enforcement action against dangerous drivers. Headline facts In 2016 police recorded that 285 cyclists were injured in road traffic collisions (ten year average 262). In 26 cases the injuries were recorded as “serious”. (Warning: many incidents go unrecorded and the level of injury is often miscategorised as less serious.) In the same period hospitals in Bristol admitted 47 seriously injured cyclists (ten year average 39). of 68 pedestrians admitted due to traffic collisions, 62 had been hit by…

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Cycling hospital admissions in 2016

Bristol Cycling regularly requests data from local hospitals on the number of admissions by transport mode. Below is an infographic breaking down the collisions that resulted in cyclists being admitted to hospital in 2016.

Take away messages might be:

Take care to avoid leaves, curbs, potholes and, especially, ice
Avoid cars (Space for Cycling anyone?)

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250 hours community service for killing a cyclist – A Fair Tariff?

The ridiculously lenient sentence handed down to a driver for killing cyclist Peter Brown, at the Aust roundabout, again raises questions about how the law deals with such cases. Given that the cyclist was clearly visible to the driver’s passenger and the driver of the car behind, why was Philip Bridges, the killer driver, not charged with dangerous driving, which would have attracted a marginally higher sentence? Why, especially in the light of his previous drink driving conviction, was Bridges not given a lengthier driving ban than 15 months? How can anyone suggest that 250 hours community service…

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News on Road Justice from meeting with police, June 2017

The Bristol Road Justice Group met senior Avon and Somerset Police officers at the beginning of June to discuss ongoing concerns as to police road traffic law enforcement and other work to reduce the dangers posed to cyclists by dangerous driving. The meeting was timely following the publication last month of the detailed report ‘Our Lawless Roads’ from the national road victims’ charity RoadPeace, which reports an alarming drop in traffic law enforcement and in traffic policing numbers (a 60% reduction in Avon and Somerset from 157 to 62 officers). Here’s the view of Cycling UK on this important report.

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Cycling and the Justice System – report from parliamentary inquiry

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group has now published their report Cycling and the Justice System, following five evidence sessions earlier this year. There’s a news article about here and you can read the Bristol Cycling submission here.  We’re pleased that our submission points are fully covered in the report. The report mades 14 recommendations: * The Highway Code should be revised * The driving test must be changed to help improve driver behaviour towards cyclists * Professional drivers should be retested more frequently * Roads policing should be given a higher priority * The Government and other local authorities should…

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