Making Bristol better for cycling

Ashton Court missing link

The Festival Way is one of the popular routes created as part of the Cycling City programme between 2008-2011. Much time was spent on trying to link up this route with Long Ashton, Backwell and Nailsea but there remains an awkward missing link around Ashton Park school, UWE Bower Ashton campus, and Ashton Court Park. John Grimshaw has produced a detailed report examining the alternatives. The clear conclusion is that a route across the bottom of Ashton Court would be by far the best option. You can read the version of the report from April 2015 here: Ashton Court missing…

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A Modest Proposal #4: Clanage Road Roundabout and the Festival Way

If you want to scare yourself rigid, pop along to Clanage Road roundabout on any weekday in term time at 3.15pm. That’s the time that 1,500 kids pour out of Ashton Park School and onto the fast busy roundabout on the A369. This is a key hub on the F11 Inner Orbital Cycling Freeway in the BCyC strategic cycle network and close to F8 Festival Way Quietway.

BCyC members have been working with local residents on ideas to improve walking and cycling and the junction has been adopted as one of the priorities for the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership (see TrafficChoices tracker).

A paper making the case for change is here: Clanage-Road-Roundabout-Strategic-Route-hub-proposal-May-2015. This has been presented to the local neighbourhood partnership, GBCP, and is based on a series of raised tables, crossings and improvements to reduce the speed of the estimated daily flow of 10-20,000 vehicles. It also aims to significantly increase the number of cycle movements from the current 1200-2000.

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Access to Long Ashton and Barrow Hospital development

The old Barrow Hospital site is being redeveloped. There is a real risk that increased traffic will create further problems on the popular cycling route south of Long Ashton. This is also a good opportunity to improve things by opening up a new shared path to link in to Long Ashton. Car commuting to Bristol is difficult because of peak-time traffic congestion. There is demand for parking in Long Ashton village by commuters from further afield who then cycle into Bristol, overtaking congested traffic. Cycle parking at bus stops will help those commuting by bus/bike to Bristol, or indeed by…

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How are the £19m Cycle City Ambition Grant projects are going?

Well, although there have been fairly regular meetings with project officers for some schemes, overall we don’t know much. We’ve only been shown the bid documents and some work in progress designs which are purposefully vague so that the council can change the plans according to pressure. We are sceptical of the quiet routes. As the bid requires that schemes don’t impact motor traffic the amount of work that can be done is questionable. We don’t want to see what we’ve seen in London, where routes are only labeled as routes with no interventions made other than paint and…

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Simultaneous green junctions in Bristol, why, how and where

As our local councils are finalising their plans for the second round of Cycling Ambition Fund, we’ve been pushing for inspirational examples of some of the infrastructure we saw during the BCyC Study Tour last year. We are keen to do something new for both Bristol and the UK: a simultaneous green junction. If built this would be a fantastic win for the whole of the UK, showing that the safe and practical green only phase for cycling can be done. It really would be ground breaking – London doesn’t need to have all the glory when it…

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Infrastructure Safaris

Over the years the Bristol Cycling Campaign has developed a set of routes that help understand why Bristol tops the list of bike-friendly cities in the UK (not a high bar then). These are short routes that can be covered in 2 hours at a pinch (if there’s not too much talking and questions!) so they don’t form part of our usual ride programme (including the popular Discover Bristol Rides).

We thought it might be helpful to publish them in case anyone wanted to use them. If you are from another cycle campaign group or are transport planners and engineers from another city and would like someone to take you round and give a non-council perspective then get in touch. If you want the official story then contact the council teams at

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Gordano Greenway linking Clevedon and Portishead

The Gordano Greenway initiative has been set up as a Weston-in-Gordano Parish Council community project to help the increasingly isolated residents who live in the villages of Walton-in-Gordano, Weston-in-Gordano and North Weston. The aim of this project is to be able provide residents, and visitors alike, with an alternative transport route, other than having to negotiate the increasingly busy B3124. Walkers, cyclists and equestrians all have a right to safe passage to either Clevedon or Portishead without having to resort to using a motor vehicle. You can register on the project website to keep…

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North Somerset cycle infrastructure schemes delivered in 2014

Useful update from North Somerset of their 2014 schemes on Better By Bike. As well as schemes in Worle and Weston we are particularly interested in the route along the A369 to Portishead. This is part of Freeway F16 in our neighbourhood plans for that area. Portishead A369 Provision of  a new shared-use path alongside the A369 between Pill Rd and Sandy Lane. This section (Phase 3) is part of  ongoing improvements linking Portishead and Bristol and is funded by the LSTF and JLTP. The scheme includes 600m of new path, and the re-designation of 450m of existing footway. A new refuge…

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Clarence Road – update – March/April 2014

Work has started on Bristol’s first significant length of “Dutch-style” cycleway. There have been some delays due to various circumstances and other schemes that are planned for the same area. There were a lot of responses to the consultation and the council have been able to take many of our suggestions on board. As we understand it, the two areas of concern to do with the cycleway (that is having to deviate around a bus stop and around a crossing) have been resolved, but concerns remain about the connections at either end and the overall quality of the scheme. It…

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More Separation Between Pedestrians & Cyclists

Update 28/02/2014: Article in the Bristol Post. The Living Heart campaign has issued the following statement which has been endorsed by us at BCyC, with the caveat that we don’t want to see any No Cycling signs, preferring that desirable routes are signed to encourage cycles away from crowded pedestrian areas (such as Broadmead).   The Living Heart for Bristol has called for a change of policy on the sharing or separation of cyclists and pedestrians.  The Living Heart includes pedestrian and cycling organisations amongst its members.  As the Council is examining new plans for The Centre,…

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