Cycling news from Bristol and beyond

Picnics, churches and open spaces

Bristol Cycling’s programme of rides this September has been designed to raise the spirits and keep us peddling into the crisp days of Autumn. And of course we’re joining the Carnivelo ride through Ashton Court to join the Cycle Sunday event on the Downs Please check out our What’s on page for more details and any last minute changes and feel free to print out a poster to display in your favourite community noticeboard: Bristol Cycling September A4 poster 2018 Sat 8 Sept: Ride & Stride sponsored Ride for Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust Medium – About 30 miles…

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Cycle Sunday 2018 – 16 September

Cycle Sunday is a community led cycling event held on the Clifton Downs. It was started by a group of parents as a way of demonstrating to the Downs Committee the huge interest in opportunities for car-free cycling around the Downs. The events are very popular, with between two and three thousand people attending. The organisers basically close roads on the Downs (this year it will be a longer route including both Circular Road and Ladies Mile) so that people of all ages and abilities can have a relaxing and car-free ride together. This year’s event is on September 16th from…

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7 Reasons Einstein would support 20 mph

ACTION:  Please take a moment to respond to the Bristol 20mph Review
Our lives fundamentally rely on energy. It puts food on our table, gets us to and from work, powers our offices and factories. The more we use, the more money it costs us. Our demand for it causes wars, our generation of it emits harmful gases.

Almost every issue 20mph raises is energy related and the answer to each, along with many of our urban challenges, can be found by looking for the lowest energy solution.

Energy dictates the severity of a collision, how much fuel is burnt to move somewhere and the volume of emissions that activity will release. The more energy we put through car components and the road surface the quicker they will break and wear out. The faster a vehicle moves the more noise it generates.

Yet energy is rarely mentioned. Despite apparent concerns over climate change and air pollution, sales of energy-hungry SUVs are soaring, up 24% across Europe this year and on course to become the most common cars on our roads.

So in this time of “fake news” and manipulation of facts, what better way to argue a case than with some basic physics. Just as keen cyclist Albert Einstein might have done. Here are the seven reasons (also as an infographic here):

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Bristol consulting on 20 mph speed limit

Bristol are consulting on 20 mph speed limits in the city (20mph Limits Review). We believe the city-wide ‘Total Twenty’ approach has been good for walking and cycling, and the evidence supports this. We’re concerned that the review seems to be wholly focussed on reversing this and allowing 30mph on many roads. There is almost no mention of eduction or enforcement measures to embed the change. We’re asking everyone to respond to the review. There are suggestions below to make it quick and easy.  The exercise has benefitted from a UWE Monitoring Report which has found that Bristol’s 20…

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Road Rage on Nelson Street

If you’ve had problems riding this road please let us know If you’re cycling along Nelson Street perhaps you should wear a flak jacket or, at least, a GoPro camera. In the last couple of months two of our members have reported road rage incidents involving buses and bikes. A bit of an uneven battle you might think 15 tons against 15 kilos. Double decker buses pick on someone your own size! But this is serious; someone might get hurt. Observations by our members suggest that these incidents are the tip of the iceberg, with many other cyclists suffering similar…

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Stay Wider of the Rider

Does your blood boil when the driver of a vehicle overtakes you with inches to spare, only for you to meet them seconds later at the lights? London Cycling Campaign have launched a new campaign to tackle the problem of the “close pass”. That is, drivers overtaking people on bikes with little room to spare, which at best is intimidating and at worse, life-threatening: Should we be running the same campaign here in Bristol? A few months ago, Avon & Somerset Police did run a successful, albeit brief trial to educate and warn drivers of the problem. But the will…

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Cycling around Yate – the Spur and other routes

The new Yate Spur cycle path opened in April 2018 providing a shared use route between the Bristol and Bath railway path at Coxgrove Hill and Station Road, Yate. BCyC has been pressing for this for many years and it formed part of the Strategic Cycle Network we proposed in 2013 so it’s great to have it in place. Have you used it yet? BCyC members have been active in the Yate Joint Cycleways Group which has been a strong advocate for the Spur, and for the other links and routes that Yate needs. There is a meeting of the…

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Rides poster opportunity

Our beautifully designed rides poster needs some help! Have you a couple of hours to spare per month for some easy, desk-based homework to help with rides publicity? Want to hone your Word skills? In a few months the rides team will be losing the key input of Penny Partridge who has done a sterling job for several years turning our rides programme into an eye-catching poster using our professionally designed template. We dearly hope to have Penny back with Bristol Cycling after a year away but in the meantime we could really use some support to keep the monthly…

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Autonomous vehicles and you

Researchers at UWE are seeking to understand the perspectives of different road users, including cyclists, and they have been running trials with Venturer driverless cars. Open to all, this third phase will explore possible highway regulation changes that will affect pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. There is no interaction with vehicles in this phase. Sessions should not take more than one and a half to two hours and they will take place at the Frenchay Campus of UWE, unless otherwise indicated. The trials run between 9-5pm on weekdays, but if there is enough demand there might also be early, late…

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Fresh air and fun

July’s rides programme is getting us out into the countryside to escape the din of city life for a few hours. We’re all over the place this month with a gentle jaunt to picnic in Portishead, some slightly more challenging rides that take us Sevenside and others with relaxing gardens as the destination. Please note that a couple of our rides have alternative start points. More details on the diary page. July’s rides poster can be printed out here: July Bristol Cycling A4 poster 2018 . Why not pin one up on your work/school/college noticeboard?…

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