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Bristol Cycle Forum on 15th Feb 2018

The first Bristol Cycle Forum of the year is taking place on Thursday 15 February 6pm-8pm at City Hall. Just ask at reception for room details. The Forum lets us hear directly from council leaders and officers about what’s going on.


  1. Introductions
  2. Meeting Minutes and Actions
  3. Chair/Vice Election
  4. Terms of Reference Review, BCC Review of forum
  5. Council Infrastructure Updates – James Coleman / Tom Southerby

Here are the minutes from the December 2017 Forum: Bristol Cycle Forum Minutes – 14 Dec 17

The ‘terms of reference’ (ToR) of the Forum are one of the items for discussion. They’ve not been reviewed since 2012 so it’s good to see these proposed revisions. Cycle Forum – Terms of Reference 2018 DRAFT

Dates 2018 (please note change of months)

  • Thursday 17 May
  • Thursday 16 August
  • Thursday 15 November

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A Modest Proposal #8: Portishead to Bristol

The November 2017 meeting of North Somerset Cycle Forum considered proposals for cycling and walking improvements between Bristol and Portishead, as part of MetroWest phase 1. Note that these are not part of the current plans which are just about diversions during the 18 month closure of the Pill Path. They are a ‘modest proposal’ put forward by BCyC members in the hope of significant improvements to an increasingly important link, especially in given the explosive growth in use of e-bikes.

By way of comparison, if you cycle to work in Xi’an (pronounced ‘chang-an’) in China on a principal cycle lane you will be one of about 1075 cyclists/hour, of whom 750 will be riding e-bikes. The average speed of e-bikes in Xi’an is 23.6 km/h, which is 71.0% faster than that of bicycles. So, in Portishead an e-biker should anticipate a commute of no more than one hour.

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Three interesting presentations at Bristol Cycle Forum, Thursday 17th Nov 2016

Should be worth turning up for the Bristol Cycle Forum tomorrow. We’ll also hope to find out more about what’s happening in the Centre with MetroBus changes.

Bristol Cycle Forum – Thursday 17 November – 6-8pm – The Library, City Hall, College Green


  1. Introductions
  2. Apologies
  3. Chris Mason – Principle Transport Planner, Bristol City Council – Road Collision Statistics for Bristol (Are the Roads Getting Less Dangerous for Cyclists? Trends 2003-2015)
  4. Rob Benington – Health Improvement Manager, Bristol City Council – Hospital Admissions related to Cycling
  5. Rob Harding – Bristol Cycling – How the Police deal with cycling related Collisions (Road Justice)
  6. An Update from BCC about current schemes and plans

For previous minutes, visit Cycle Forum page on BCC.

Why Near Misses Matter – Rachel Aldred at January Bike Forum

BCyC image

Rachel Aldred attended the Bristol Bike Forum on Thursday 21st Jan 2016 to give an update on The Near Miss Project. She was last here in November 2015 briefing officers of Bristol Council and we were invited along. Some of her key messages were:

Near misses matter

  • Near misses may predict at least some types of collision risk
  • Growing evidence that near misses strongly affect cycling experience
  • Clarify relationships between ‘perceived’, ‘experienced’, and ‘objective’ risk

Near misses are very common

Comparing injury and non-injury incident rates

 Type of Incident  Rate per year, regular UK commuting cyclist
 Death  0.000125 (once every 8,000 yrs)
Reported serious injury 0.0025 (once every 400 yrs)
Reported slight injury 0.015 (once every 67 yrs)
Any injury (reported or not) 0.05 (once every 20 yrs)
Harassed/abused 20
‘Very scary’ incident 60
Any non-injury incident 450

Speed and size of vehicles make near misses more scary

  • Speed is the variable most strongly associated with incident rates. For every additional 1 mph of the cyclist there is a 10% reduction in incidents reported.
  • Speed is the key factor in the gender variation in reporting (women report more near misses than men)
  • Incidents involving large motor vehicles (HGVs, buses) are scarier than those not, and incidents not involving any motor vehicles the least scary
  • Driver behaviour factors fairly similar to those in Stats19 – but additional qualitative insight from cyclist’s perspective

Other points:

  • US evidence that “Share the road” messaging can be interpreted by drivers as “that cyclist should get out of my way and share with me”
  • ‘TfL reporting big turnover in cycling’. Folk take it up but then stop. There are big implications for cycle promotion. Does training make a difference? Not enough evidence at present (2016).

Proposed new routes discussed at Nov’15 Bristol Cycle Forum

At the Bristol Cycle Forum on 19th November there was news of two big and important topics. Firstly, finally, there seems to be some movement on opening up The Downs for more walking and cycling. Secondly, James Coleman of Bristol City Council took us through proposals spending the next round of Cycling City Ambition Fund (CCAF2). This is the main source of government funding for the next couple of years. It is now proposed to be spent on:

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