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Cycle plans around Prince Street include pedestrianisation

Good to see Bristol 24/7 keeping the issue of the future of Prince Street Bridge in the spotlight. Nothing new here however, beyond the consultation over the summer about the protected cycle route.

Our view was that the proposed 3m wide two way route wasn’t wide enough, that it gave up at the centre, and that a wholly different and more sensible solution will be possible once it’s decided that people walking and cycling should have proper provision. Sign the petition here.

Source: Bristol 24/7 – News and Features | News | Transport | Cycle plans around Prince Street include pedestrianisation

Could this Bristol city centre bridge shut [opened! – ed] for good? | West Country – ITV News

Our petition to keep Prince Street Bridge for walking and cycling has been getting media attention. We’re looking for people who can give an hour or two to help with leafleting. Get in touch if you can help.


A campaign’s been started to persuade Bristol City Council not to allow cars back on to an important bridge when it reopens after repairs.The crossing at Prince Street was replaced by a temporary footbridge this time last year – now a petition is calling for it to remain for cyclists and pedestrians only.

Source: Could this Bristol city centre bridge shut for good? | West Country – ITV News

Come and plot for a Peaceful Prince St Bridge (tonight!)

Prince Street Bridge

We hope everyone’s enjoying the heat! Do come along to share your ideas and inspiration for how we can sort out Prince Street Bridge. We’re at Roll for the Soul at 5.45pm. Who thinks we should offer ice cream instead of coffee today?

It’s been an exciting start to our quest. There’s been a tonne of support, and two news articles, even though the Council STILL hasn’t approved the petition.



Tonight we’d like to 

– give everyone a chance to meet and say hi
– have a brief introduction on our aim and discuss what we can do
– discuss a protest parade and signature collection on PSB
– arrange our next meeting

See you later! 


Campaign to keep Prince St Bridge for people walking and cycling

Prince Street Bridge is possible the most important single point in the city for walking and cycling. It is very heavily used and already a point of significant congestion. This will get worse as ever more people choose to walk and cycle.

It is clear that it can no longer continue to function safely and comfortably while meeting the needs of walking, cycling and motor traffic. Something has to give.

We’ve launched a petition for a one year trial of a proper design for walking and cycling. It’s been closed to motor traffic for six months so we know the city can cope.

There is a consultation on Prince Street out now to create a proper All Ages and Abilities (Triple A) route from Cumberland Road to the Centre, but it gives up at Prince St Bridge (and also doesn’t link to Gaol Ferry Bridge).

There’s a ‘plotting’ meeting for everyone who wants to make this happen on Weds 20th July, 5.45pm at Roll for the Soul. Come along!

Here’s the text of the petition

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Threat to walking and cycling on Prince Street Bridge

BCyC image

Worrying news from cabinet papers published yesterday that Prince Street Bridge, and the streets on either side, may become as congested and hostile for walking and cycling as before (which is to say ‘business as usual’ and a missed opportunity).

It is our view that this should be closed to motor vehicles so that two new iconic ‘plazas’, one at each end, can be established at the heart of the Harbouride (A Modest Proposal #3: Inner Loop Proposal). It’s plain to see that the level of use for walking and cycling, and the importance of the public space, mean that through traffic can no longer be accommodated.

The bridge has been closed for repairs since August 2015 and it’s been found the condition is worse than thought. An option was considered to “refurbish the existing bridge with a lighter deck only suitable for pedestrians and cyclists, [although] the potential cost saving is small as a percentage of the overall estimated cost of the work and [it] represents a good investment in network resilience”.

The decision has been made to return the bridge to its previous carrying capacity although the report says “this does not preclude a future policy decision on what traffic the bridge may carry if overall traffic conditions in the City were to change”.

The report says that “Prince Street Bridge forms a vital link enabling pedestrians and cyclists to cross the City Docks.”

No argument about that.

It goes on to say “It is also an important route for light vehicular traffic and the consequences of the bridge not being available for such traffic can be felt in several locations on the highway network”.  The level of use is apparently “6,000 pedestrians and 2,500 cyclists wishing to cross the City Docks at this location, along with well over 4,000 vehicles each day”.

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